Message from our Management

Message from our Management

Nobuhide Kurihara, Chairman
Masaharu Yokoi, CEO

For over a century, since our establishment in 1919, Kurihara Kogyo has contributed to the development of social infrastructure, focusing on electrical engineering in the building services industry. We attribute our success to the generous support of our clients and business partners.

In 2019, to mark the one hundredth anniversary of our founding, we adopted the brand statement, “Honesty and Earnestly: Building a Better Tomorrow”. This statement expresses our desire to be a company dedicated to creating the future.

We take pride in paying close attention to the quality of our technology. Going forward we aim to contribute to a more prosperous society, working together as “One-Team*” to strive to develop our business.
We look forward to working together with our clients and business partners in the future.

* “One Team”, Japan’s slogan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, was chosen as the buzzword of the year in 2019.


Basic Policies (Management Principles)

By providing engineering services, Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd. plays a small part in economic and social development.

With this understanding, our goal is to work to the benefit of:

  • (1) Our Customers
  • (2) Our Employees
  • (3) Our Shareholders

To fulfill our obligations to these groups, we operate according to the following principles:

  • (1) Our business is founded on trust
  • (2) Employees are our greatest asset
  • (3) By making reasonable profits, we pay stable dividends to recompense shareholders for their investment