Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Address Osaka Headquarters
1-4-24 Minami-Morimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0054
Tokyo Headquarters
Shiba Exage Building, 3-24-7 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014
Founded July 1, 1919
Incorporated June 8, 1942
Capital 1,155,000,000 JPY
Construction Business Licence Number Licensed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-1) No. 3214
First Class Architect Office Registration Number Osaka Prefectural Governor Registration (Ni) No. 21522
Tokyo Prefectural Governor Registration No. 60438
Lines of Business Electrical
Installation in buildings and factories of electrical equipment, installation of explosion-proofed electrical equipment, power generating and transforming equipment, overhead and underground transmission and distribution equipment, electrical equipment for train wires, cogeneration equipment

Installation of instruments in buildings, factories and production plants

Information and telecommunication networks (LAN/WAN)
Telephone data communications equipment, AV systems
Information processing systems, CATV
Traffic control systems

Air Conditioning and Sanitation
Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, cooling systems, water supply and plumbing equipment, sanitation equipment, and regional air conditioning systems

Disaster/Crime Prevention
Installation of disaster preparedness equipment, automatic fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke-extraction systems, evacuation guidance systems and security systems

Civil Engineering
Tests/surveys, CAB, road construction, paving, land reclamation

Machinery installation and disassembly, coating

ISO Certification

ISO9001 ISO14001
Refer to website operated by the Japan Testing Centre for Construction Materials (certification body) for details such as the scope of certification


Total No. (including overseas): 1,297
Domestic Employees: 929
Technical: 761
Administrative: 168

Main Qualifications

Professional Engineers (Electrical/Electronic, Construction, General)
Class 1 Electrical Engineering Construction Supervisor
Class 1 Telecommunications Engineering Construction Supervisor
Class 1 Piping Construction Management Engineer
Class 1 Civil Engineering Construction Supervisor
Class 1 Architectural Construction Management Engineer
Class 1/2/3 Chief Electricity Engineer
Class 1/2 Electrician
Energy Manager
Class 1 Facility Design Architect
Class 1 Architect
Building Engineer
Class 1 Instrumentation Engineer
Fire Defense Equipment Officer (Class A/B)
Chief Telecommunications Engineer (Transmission and Exchange Lines)
Installation Technician (AI/DD/General)
Class 1/2 Construction Industry Accountant
Class 1 Health Officer

Organisation Chart

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