Kurihara Kogyo’s Playing Field is the World
Excelling in Cross-Border Technical Innovation

Kurihara Kogyo –
Further Expanding Overseas as a Global Enterprise

Since the 1970s, Kurihara Kogyo has been involved in electrical system design, installation, and construction management overseas. Our operations are focused mainly in Southeast Asia—we have a branch office in Singapore and overseas subsidiaries in Vietnam, Thailand, China and Myanmar. We have earned a good reputation in Singapore in particular, where we are acknowledged as being an industry leader.
Using the wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years, we provide the highest level of service that is characterised by our integrity, trust, innovation and high quality. Through our building services we aim to make technical contributions to the countries in which we operate and to grow as a company. Our activities overseas include the basic design, construction, installation and supervision of the installation of electrical and air conditioning systems, sanitation equipment, information and communications systems, plant equipment, and building and factory electrical supply systems.

Participating in Overseas Markets,
Focused on Singapore

In 1979, Kurihara Kogyo was given the opportunity to participate in the design of a petrochemical plant in Singapore. This endeavor led to the establishment of our Singapore office and signified the start of our electrical and instrumentation installation business. We subsequently established Kurihara Vietnam in 1995, Kurihara (Thailand) in 1996, Wanhua Kurihara Electrical Instrument Engineering Co., Ltd. (in China) in 2004 and Kurihara Myanmar in 2018, (resulting in our having one overseas branch and four overseas subsidiaries), to install instrumentation and electrical, water supply/sewerage and air conditioning systems throughout Asia.

Business Outline

Established in 1979, our Singapore Branch is involved in the installation of electrical, air conditioning, disaster preparedness and water supply/sewerage systems in all types of buildings and factories. The branch is also active in places close to Singapore, such as the Maldives and Sri Lanka.
Kurihara Vietnam employs over 200 Vietnamese staff and is active throughout Vietnam, especially in Northern Hanoi and Southern Ho Chi Minh City, engaging in the installation of instrumentation, electrical, water supply/sewerage and air conditioning systems.
Established in 1996, Kurihara Thailand is involved in the installation of integrated facilities for hotels, office buildings, condominiums, supermarkets and factories, etc., and is growing together with the Thai economy.
Kurihara Myanmar was established in December 2018. Building on the network already established throughout Southeast Asia and the know-how accumulated from many years of business in the region, Kurihara Myanmar aims to further expand its operations and contribute to the Myanmar economy.